Any blockchain enthusiast knows that Doing Your Own Research or DYOR is the backbone of any blockchain or crypto investment. One would say the best way to get involved with blockchain is to dive right into it. Hashgraph will be having their first ever meetup in Malaysia, this will be the perfect place for anyone in Malaysia who is new to crypto to get a handle on all things blockchain related.

Or if you are into Financial tech or Fintech and are located in or around Singapore, do check out the Singapore Fintech Festival where not only blockchain startups will be showcasing their use cases but also traditional fintech solutions will be present at the Festival in Singapore. This is one event that both traditional and blockchain investors can look to find the latest news in regulations and technological advancements.

Finally, we have probably the biggest blockchain event to hit South East Asia(SEA), Blockshow powered by Cointelegraph will be having its first Blockshow in Asia which will also be held in Singapore. This is one event that all blockchain enthusiast will not want to miss, from Box Mining to Bobby Lee, you can expect anyone who’s a somebody to be there.

For all those that are interested in attending Blockshow, share this through your social media and contact us with a link of your share to receive a 20% off your ticket.

Top 3 Blockchain Events to check out in SEA

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