Blocfest Speaker Highlights: MALIKKHAN KOTADIA ; Co-founder & CEO of Finnovation Labs

Malik is a passionate Fintech and Blockchain ecosystem builder. He actively engages with Governments, policy makers, Multi-lateral agencies, banks and Industry associations across the globe in his hat as Founding Director- Global Blockchain Advisory Foundation, a think tank dedicated to deeper engagement between industry thought leaders and progressive governments for driving social and financial inclusion by leveraging Disruptive tech.

Please enlighten us to what a polymath is.

South East Asia is often spoken of as the blockchain hub of the region, In your opinion, what is the reason for that?

What do you think the low hanging fruit is in terms of the infrastructure that you were referring to earlier?

Do you think blockchain technology will help facilitate the outsourcing of talent pool, etc?

What is the most exciting opportunity do you foresee in the Blockchain space?

What are the challenges that Blockchain adoption faces in Asia and the next steps?

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