Blocfest Speaker Highlights: ATTY. JOY CATHERINE P. ALAMEDA; Acting Corporate Secretary of CEZA

The Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport, also known as Cagayan Freeport, is a special economic zone in Cagayan Province, northern Luzon, in the Philippines. It is envisioned to be a self-sustaining industrial, commercial, financial, tourism and recreational center, in order to effectively encourage and attract legitimate and productive local and foreign investments and eventually create employment opportunities and increase income and productivity in the rural areas around the Freeport Zone.

Can you tell us about CEZA and its work in the Blockchain space?

South East Asia has been known to be the blockchain hub, what is your opinion on that?

There are a lot of challenges in terms blockchain adoption, what can we do to overcome these challenges?

Which countries are open to drafting guidelines to accept this technology?

Why do you think Singapore government (or governments) is putting a hold on this?


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